Italian (IT)

Life is a project.
But in a lifetime there are many other projects.
In my life I have taken care of various projects.
In the future life, others will see the light.
For some of them, I reserve a special place in my heart.


Projects e skills portfolio


From the experience gained on projects like RhinoPDM, a small document manager that allows you to can create a centralized repository for McNeel Rhinoceros drawings.




The main technical project of my life.
A complex modular system based on the most advanced existing algorithms, with the declared aim to emulate the functioning of the human conscious mind in the most relevant way possible.



Development project of a domotic system built day by day on emerging needs using the available technologies.

Isengard OpenSimulator Virtual World
Simulated virtual world in fantasy style based on opensimulator technology and published on the  Craft World italian grid.



Rainmeter Skin
Desktop widgets suite for monitoring your PC developed on Rainmeter technology.

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