StarFinder 130

Arduino DIY motorized equatorial and altazimuth mount with astro tracker

StarFinder Features

In astrophotography instrument's optics are fundamental, but mount supports and moves the telescope. I needed to replace the EQ-1 mount on my 127mm newtonian telescope and needed a star tracker for long exposures. So I designed and built a DIY motorized altazimuth and equatorial mount for myself.
An interesting project presented here.


Equipped with a steel and aluminum frame to give stability and solidity. 3D printed supports and gear system to offer the precision and geometric complexity necessary for movement.


Arduino-based control electronics. Star tracking and altazimuth movement via 28BYJ-48 stepper motors with ULN2003 drivers to ensure power and precision.
USB cable for future development of extensions on external computers.

Star tracker

Once you've aligned your frame to the North Star, you can activate the star tracker to take long exposure photos. With an accuracy of 120 steps per minute, 360° azimuth rotation and 130° elevation range.

Made with love

A project that combined the passion for astrophotography, with mechanics and electronics.

step/min star tracker
Weeks to build
3D printing hours
Work hours


A beautiful project during spring/summer 2023, starting from feasibility, took shape in CAD and electronic design, continuing with 3D printing and metal components making, finish with electronics wiring and control firmware writing. Finally, testing and creation of fixing supports.

Bruno Tessaro

Bruno Tessaro

Designer and builder

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