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Enyo 2 has its roots in the framework developed to power the applications on HP’s TouchPad, an innovative device powered by webOS that embraced the web stack as its primary application environment. Over a thousand apps, including the stock applications that shipped with the TouchPad, were built using Enyo 1. Although Enyo was conceived from the start as platform-independent framework, Enyo 1 out of necessity targeted webOS and the TouchPad specifically.

The basics Create an empty gadget.xml file with Notepad and save it. In the Encoding drop-down, select UTF-8. Create an empty MyGadget.html file with Notepad and save it. In the Encoding drop-down, select UTF-8.

Create the manifest gadget.xml file and save it to folder.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
 <host name="sidebar">
 <base type="HTML" apiVersion="1.0.0" src="/MyGadget.html" />
 <platform minPlatformVersion="1.0" />

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Supponete di dover inserire ripetutamente sempre le stesse informazioni. Sebbene sia possibile memorizzare le informazioni negli appunti, se questi nel frattempo vengono utilizzati, il loro contenuto cambia. Una semplice soluzione consiste nel memorizzare i dati in una macro (in alcuni semplici casi, come l'esempio utilizzato in questa sede, una soluzione migliore consiste nell'utilizzo del completamento automatico).

New-Mailbox -Name 'First and Last Name' -Alias 'MailboxAlias'
 -OrganizationalUnit 'MyDomain/Users'
 -UserPrincipalName ' MailboxAlias@MyDomain' -SamAccountName 'MailboxAlias'
 -FirstName 'First Name' -Initials '' -LastName 'Last Name'
 -Password 'System.Security.SecureString' -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $false
 -Database 'MyMailServer\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database'


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