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Download YouTube video with 4K Video Downloader

Internet is a place of a lot of interesting things.
Every day we can find new content to learn from or with happily spend our time.
We consider this immense world always reachable and available.
Experience teaches us that due to technical inefficiencies, or when content creators decide to remove them, the risk of losing these forever is real.
In streaming portals such as YouTube or Vimeo there isn't possibility to download contents.

By useful software, such as 4K Video Downloader, we have the possibility to download and store them without worries.

Find 4K Video Downloader at this page.
Download and install it, so run it.

Search the YouTube page with your favorite content and copy the link from the browser.

4K Video Downloader note this and changes icon of the first button.

Press the button, a popup appears where you can choose to download the video or extract the audio. Choose the format, the quality of content and the location where to download it.

Press download button. 4K Video Downloader starts downloading your favorite content.