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Ultrasonic Smart Robot Car Kits For Arduino

Since many years I put in the drawer resistance and welder, to devote myself to something else. Sometimes, however return things you cannot imagine.

All know Arduino development board, and I also decided to try what it was in practice.
To begin, I chose a simple bot that would allow me to test the potential of the ATMega328 chip, the heart of Arduino.
I searched in internet an inexpensive kit.
I found an "Ultrasonic Smart Robot Car Kits For Arduino".


Pending delivery, I downloaded the compiler from the official website
Since the last time that I was interested in robotics and electronics in a proactive way, things have changed a lot. There was a strong trend in favor of hobbyist approaches the topic.

When the kit arrived, I could see that the instructions were missing and some effort must be done.
Internet has helped me, and I was able to run the bot.
So here's what I did, in a fast photobook.

I also corrected and completed the Arduino's sketch to control the bot.
You can download my version here.

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