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IT infrastructure solutions

IT infrastructure solutions

Storage solution
Hard disk
RAID of disks
NAS (Network attached Storage) – hot swap
Shared directories (SMB, NFS)
Ethernet connection
SAN (Storage Area Network) – hot swap
Disk Array with LUN (Logical Unit Number) as partition
of the same array disks (RAW, vmdk)
Fiber channel connection (FC, iSCSI)

Computation solution
Thin client
Server farm
High performance computing

Cable Network solution
Network connection (ethernet or token ring)
Hub – repeat single port signal to all other port
Switch – (Layer 2 OSI; Mac Address) send single port signal to a specific destination port
QoS – Quality of Service
VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network
Spanning tree – in a redundant network, the algohoritm that maintain active only one
path connection for each device, to prevent infinite packet loop
Trunk - assigning a single network connection to multiple port for increase network
throughput and prevent connection fault
Router – (Layer 3 OSI; IP Address) create subnetwork and connect a LAN to WAL (wide area
network) using a gateway
Firewall – filter and manage through policies and recording a network traffic

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