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Business continuity essentials

The business continuity essentials:

Business continuity for mission critical system

Storage (disk)
Static Data (files)
Dinamic Data (database)

Computation (CPU+RAM)
Operating System
Application software


Storage fault tolerance
RAID 1 mirroring; capacity n/2
RAID 5 capacity n - 1

Storage backup
Continuous data protection (live data backup and revisioning)
Planned backup (complete and incremental)
Snapshot (like a hot image of the volume)

Storage disaster recovery
Reply on other site geographically far

Controller RAID hardware
Server OS
WinXP RAID 5 hack

Computation fault tolerance
Server battery
Virtualized resource pool
Server cluster (server farm) Active-Active; Active-Passive

Computation disaster recovery
Reply datacenter hardware on other site geographically far

Business continuity
High Availability
Load Balancing

Network redundancy
Multiple network card and star with ring switch infrastructure connection with spanning tree
Redundant Internet Service Connectivity with two domain
national network domain with IP class
regional network with IP class

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