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Update: Actually the project is dead. A PLM is too complex to be developed by only one person.
Coming soon its natural evolution: RhinoPDM

Developed by Tessaro Bruno
A .NET integrated Rhinoceros 4.0 application for the management of product lifecycle

The target
The modern companies are facing a strong requests as far as the reducing of time and costs of they projecting in order to do their best in the competition with the new-coming industries
Over 50% of the turnover of a company is generated from products introduced on the market from less than 5 years
70% of the companies have current initiatives for the reduction of the Time to Market at least of 20%
Over 70% of the companies have current initiatives to reduce the costs of planning of 10% or more

Software PDM e PLM
PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software meet these requests

Product Data Management
A PDM is a collection of instruments that concur to create, manage and share the data that describe an industrial product: designs, documents, table of components, configurations and modifications

Product Lifecycle Management
A PLM is a business instrument and an approach that bring to create, manage and share in an integrated place all the data that describe and document an industrial product during its whole life, from the creation to the destruction

Most of the CAD develop companies provide their software with PLM integrated package
Rhinoceros doesn’t still have a specific product
RhinoPLM is part of this matter

What makes RhinoPLM
Management of the total costs of the product in the phase of design
Clear management of the process of products modification
Re-use of more components
Management of the product’s configuration

Current target
Currently RhinoPLM is in version pre-alpha
It doesn’t still exist a working application, but only library and parts of code in development
Most of the algorithms of the features are still in developing




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